I Write Everyday. ...

I write everyday. Sometimes it's in my journal and sometimes I write short stories.
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2 Responses May 17, 2007

I write most days, but never force myself into writing. If its not there, I do a spot of<br />
gardening, or perhaps bake muffins. But when IT is there, I work into the night<br />
sometimes, and my energy it astounding, even at my age . The words just flow<br />
without a lot of thought...like I am being posessed. A bit creepy really.

Likewise. I can create up to maybe 10 short stories a week. Unfortunately, writing novel length stories are much harder. I quit, then I continue, then I quit. Never ending cycle. I'm currently working on a story for my Creative Writing class, though. --> --> --> BTW, I'm Sabrina.