Character Descriptions For My New Book That Still Needs A Title

So, I'm working on a new book about a group of street kids who live in a group home and learn their full potential and who they really are. There's more to it, but the book is still in early development. So I thought I'd do little character bios for my five main characters. Enjoy. c:

Name: Ian LaChance
Age: 16
Description: Ian is the protagonist of the story. Growing up with a single mom was hard. It became even harder when she committed suicide after finding out that Randy, Ian's father, wanted full custody. Ian was then sent to live with the father he never knew. After finding out that his father was a cocaine dealer, Ian got into the drug and ran away after stealing his father's entire stash and the bracelets his parents wore in place of engagement rings at one time. He dealt as much of the stash as he could until he was shot after a botched deal. When he awoke, he found Patrick Mason to be his doctor. Patrick told him that he ran a group home for street kids with his wife, Ginger. He then offered Ian a room if he had no place to go. Ian accepted and moved in with Ginger and Patrick at the age of fourteen.
Physical Description: Ian is about 5'6. He has green eyes and shaggy brown hair. He's quite skinny, but he does have some muscle to him. He always wears his father's bracelet on his left wrist, which is a black and white thick string bracelet. This bracelet was made by his mother and he also has a matching bracelet which is black and red and was made by his father, but he doesn't wear it. Rather, he saves it for a girl who means a lot to him and purposes it as a promise bracelet (like a promise ring, only it's a bracelet.)

Name: Lucas Trenton
Age: 16
Description: His father only ever stuck around to beat him and his mother. Lucas finally fought back and nearly killed his father when he was 12 years old after catching him raping his mother. He then ran away, fearing what his father would do next. He hitchhiked all the way from Canada to Oregon and slept at bus stops for nearly two years before he met Ginger. She was working at a furniture store and caught him stealing a blanket from one of the displays. Instead of turning him, she took him home and he began staying at the home when he was fourteen.
Physical Description: Lucas is 6'1 with white-blonde hair. his eyes are a unique shade of light brown. He usually wears dark-colored jeans and used to always wear a blue/grey flannel, but he gave it to Skye, who is his girlfriend.

Name: Skye Parker
Age: 15
Description: Skye grew up on the streets on San Francisco with a drug addict mother. She didn't mind the women's shelter that much, until her mother woke her up in the middle of the night and dragged her away. The next thing she knew, she was in the trunk of a car with her mouth taped shut and her hands tied behind her back. Her mother had sold her for heroine. She was gang raped by six men, beat half to death, and dumped in a river. Since the men loosened her ropes, she was able to escape and run for her life until she met Ginger who was on a conference in San Francisco and offered to take her into her home in Oregon. Skye was only twelve when she came to the home.
Physical Description: Skye is about 5'2. She has blonde hair with a red gradient/ombre. She has dark brown eyes. She has multiple piercings and a large scar on her chest. She usually wears baggy jeans and a blue/grey flannel that Lucas, who is her boyfriend, gave her.

Name: Megan Hendrickson
Age: 16
Description: On the streets since she was eleven, Megan is very street-smart. She used to live in Arizona, but wanted to go to Washington to be with her mother. From that point, she began walking. She hitched rides from a few people, some of which made her do things to them in exchange for the ride. She stopped in Oregon and stayed with a woman named Paige for a little while. Paige gave her several piercings and even three tattoos, but only if Megan helped her deal weed. Paige was eventually arrested and Megan was sent to live with Patrick and Ginger. She has only been staying there for a month.
Physical Description: Unlike her friends, Megan is very short, standing at 4'11. She has golden-brown hair which falls just past her shoulders. She has brown eyes. She has a nose piercing, and eyebrow piercing, a navel piercing, and several piercings in her ears. She has a tattoo on the back of her neck, one going down the side of her left forearm, and one on her right shoulder, which she got in honor of a friend who was killed when she was thirteen. She has a scar going down her cheek. She typically wears dark colored jeans and black suspenders hanging from them, a razor-back tank top, and some kind of thick hoodie.

Name: Lindsay Pearson
Age: 15
Description: Not much is known about Lindsay's past, only that Ginger found her in Salem, the same city where the home is located.
Physical Description: Lindsay stands at about 5'3. She has long hair which she died black. She has dark green eyes. She usually wears red lipstick. She typically dresses in light colored pants and button down shirts.

Some other notes:
- While their back-stories will not change, the characters do change and develop throughout the story. All five of these characters are still under development, but the back-stories are set in stone.
- There is some confusion about why Ginger keeps traveling for business is she works in a furniture store. She worked in a furniture store at the time she found Lucas which was two years before the start of the story. I haven't fully decided what her job is now, but she does have her own company.
- The reason not much is known about Lindsay's past is because she is still under development. I only started writing this about a week ago and I realized that there really wasn't an antagonist, but I can't guarantee that she will stay the antagonist throughout the course of the story.
- Although the story is about the lives of all five of the main characters, it is told from Ian's perspective only. I have read books that have different perspective's from different characters and while this is very interesting, it can be hard to keep up with all that happens when the story is being told by five different people.
- Why does Megan have tattoos? The one on the back of her neck is XXIX (Roman Numeral 29), which is actually my touch because this a tattoo I'm getting on my eighteenth birthday. The number 29 is a lucky number for my family. The one going down her arm says "ego sum fortior daemones meos", which is Latin for "I am stronger than my demons". This is another personal touch of a tattoo I plan on getting in honor of my problems with cutting. The third is a unique barbed wire band going around her right shoulder. This is because a friend she met during her travels was killed. She got this tattoo to honor his memory.
- Although Megan and I share many qualities, she is not supposed to be an alter ego of myself.
- These characters are actually not based on anyone I know. However, when they were under early development, I did turn to some friends for help on their creations.
- Ian's drug addiction was helped by a friend I recently made who has had drug addictions, but is recovering. Although it is assumed that he is created based entirely on this friend, this is not true. This friend is a girl, for one thing.
- I have not yet developed a storyline for Skye and Lucas' relationship, but I am toying with some ideas.

Okay, that's basically everything that you need to know about them so far. I'll probably post passages periodically just to get some input.
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Nov 26, 2012