Chapter 3 - The Story Of Us

      The first thing I noticed when I woke up was that my forehead was aching deeply. I wasn’t really sure where I was either; all I knew was that I wasn’t in the ditch where I fell earlier. I couldn’t really remember what had happened after that only that somebody had carried me back. I tried to get up but my bones did not allow it. I tried to speak but it seamed like my throat was completely dried up and I did not have enough energy to open my eyes.

“Violet don’t squirm please, it’s hard to see if you have any broken bones if you keep on moving” a male voice rang out. I felt a cool fabric on my forehead and a hand behind my neck.

“Ok I’m going to lift you a bit so you can drink but don’t do any rough movements because you might injure yourself even more.” Said the voice again as I sensed two hands this time bringing me up and allowing me to sit. Fresh water slid down my dry throat and I finally could allow myself to articulate. My eyes slowly opened but my vision was still quite blurry so I could only see shadows.

“Thank god your alright Miss Violet,” I heard a voice say, which clearly belonged to Miss Voltaire. “You can thank Julian for saving you, you poor darling, in the state you are in I think you will have to wait a few days before walking again.” for some reason I was terrified by that statement. I didn’t think the injuries I got from falling in the hole were so serious. As my vision focused I realized it was Julian sitting next to me holding my head. He had his usual unemotional expression but this time I noticed his eyes were a lighter blue than before. I smiled a bit at the thought of him being there holding me. My eyes were heavy again and I sighed deeply as Julian placed my head on the pillow. The last thing I heard was Miss Voltaire muttering something to me but I was already lost in my dreams to hear it.
When I awoke it was dark out and everything was silent. I tried to get up but each time I made an effort I felt this great ache all over my body. I finally got enough courage to stand even if I was a little unbalanced at first. I looked in my mirror and realized I had a big scar on my face. Almost like a scratch, from my left eye then reaching all the way down to my lips. I didn’t remember that being there at all and I didn’t remember scratching my face in any way when I fell. How strange… it was almost like some kind of animal attacked me. I had another scratch on my arm and one on my right leg.
As I walked down the hallway, gripping myself to the side of the walls, everything seamed so still. I was there alone, a young girl of only 15 years of age, lost in this huge mansion. I had no family and I had no friends. I was there holding my little candle light and wondering where I would wander next. Suddenly I felt a massive pain on my stomach. I would imagine it to be the same feeling you get when being stabbed. When I had finished gasping for air I looked down and with terror I saw blood. It was starting to drip down my nightgown and onto the floor.
Trying to reach for air I rushed with the little energy I had left up to the tower. I fell to the ground my hands hitting the floor. I cried out loud and started sobbing. I don’t know why I was sobbing really, mostly because of the overwhelming pain and the fact that my liveliness had died and replaced itself with fear. I breathed in and grabbed at what seamed like a cut. The blood continued to stream down, soaking into the carpet. I lay my head to the floor and placed myself on my stomach, my hair covering my eyes as I continued to mutter unheard words into the distant corridors.

* * *
I was running fast, branches hitting my bare feet as I continued on. My long chestnut hair had slowly unraveled itself out of its braid and flew in every direction. I did not feel my feet ache. I was too concentrated on running away. The thing wasn’t far now. It was a strange occurrence. I was there sitting in the hole and suddenly somebody pulled me up. When I stared up it was a boy about my age with silver blue hair. You might think it odd that his hair was blue but in this specific situation I did not care one bit. I was happy enough with the fact that he saved me.
We walked in silence most of the way then he turned to me and smiled wickedly. I did not know what to expect from this smile and I dared not to ask why it seamed so dark to me until a moment later. He grabbed my arm and brought me close breathing in, almost like if he was trying to breath in my soul. Unexpectedly he pulled me closer and as his sinister eyes peered into my thoughts he kissed me. When I opened my eyes again he stood there slightly unstable. At first I didn’t know what to think from this but in a split second I felt a horrid throbbing in my body. I jumped back and touched my cheek where in shock I screamed in pain. When I looked at my hand yet again, it was soaked with what I thought was impossible. Blood.
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