Chapter 4- The Story Of Us

“He did it again! Why does he always do that! What is wrong with him? One time is enough, but twice is going way over the boundaries!” yelled somebody angrily. “Look what he did to her now! She’s even worse than she was before! Sonia can’t you do anything to put some sense into that boy? It just sickens me!”

at this point I was very awake and I tried to get up but I couldn’t. I looked up and realized it was Julian at the door yelling to somebody. Sonia? Who was this Sonia? I turned and flipped my legs over the bedside. With the squeaky of my bed Julian flipped around.
“no, no, no, don’t you move now your too hurt to even move today. Please just… next time when I tell you too stay in bed will you promise me you will do as I say?” he asked with an anticipating look on his face. With a nod, I tried to place my legs back in bed but failed. Like the night before I ached all over again, and even more.

“you had quiet an adventure last night didn’t you?” Julian said while softly lifting my legs back into bed. With a shock I remembered the bizarre incidents of the night before. I looked frantically at Julian and started to struggle for breath.
“shh it’s ok, I know, don’t worry. His name is Boris. He’s been here a long time already. You could say he’s somewhat insane.” Said Julian knowing what I was thinking about in that precise moment.
“But…but how does he do that. How did he scratch me all over without even moving? It’s impossible, how did he do that? He wasn’t even in the room!” I exclaimed in pure frustration and awe.

“Well it’s kind of complicated, see… a lot of us here have many different problems. Most of us are just misfits that people want to put a label on as “strange” or “abnormal” or “mentally challenged” when we only have… Uhm gifts. Boris is still trying to figure out his whole “gift” situation so things get a little out of hands. That’s the main reason why there are not a lot of girls here. Most of the boys usually get distracted from their studies or go completely fanatical.” He said with a little laugh. It was all a joke to him it seamed.

“ I hope this nonsense about using me as a rag doll doesn’t continue…” I said with a sigh.
There was a knock on the door. A Tall and Blond haired figure appeared shyly in the doorframe. When i realized it was the boy that had tormented me for two nights now i shrieked  He hid behind my closet to not be seen and shuttered when I screamed again.
“ Hey now, calm your horses. He’s not going to cause you harm now… we’ve discussed over things,” Julian explained without hesitation. I looked at Julian then at Boris with a puzzled expression on my face. Boris slowly walked too me with hesitant movements.

“I…I…I’m really sorry…I… I didn’t know I hurt you so bad… I… I’m really sorry. Please forgive me Miss Violet it won’t happen again I swear to you!” Boris mumbled to me. I looked up to his face and realized he was crying. His face was completely still but I could clearly spot little shining tears rolling down his cheek. “Allow… allow me to heal your injuries Miss, I beg, it is the least I can do” continued Boris.

This surprised me. How was he going to cure me? I nodded in sign of agreement. With a trembling hand he held up my hand as if it was a delicate bird that had fallen from a tree and was deeply hurt. When he placed his other hand on top of mine I felt an immediate shock of electricity through my veins and all at once my body was glowing with light. I smiled widely at this from surprise mostly, but also for the fact that I felt so nice and warm inside. Whatever was Boris’s power it surely was an incredible and unreal thing.   
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