Common Sense

We choose to ignore the common sense that can't be seen from a mile away,
Taking our own justification and serving up as the "so called how it is supposed to be.
On and on again it's just the same old world,
Spinning on its axis never noticing that it twists and turns.
Not acknowledging the sun the keeps it lit,
Or the moon that puts it to sleep.
Run away you silly cowards, go on and judge upon your false pretenses,
In the end you make no sense because your words don't match to with your cold tainted poisonous lips.
This world has some freedoms but it is still not free,
Are human rights in the middle of stupidity only becomes altered on government robotic tv screens.
Stand and fight? Take a couple of bullets here and there? Put our fists together and make it stop?
Will this ridiculousness ever end . Goodnight
CharlieBm CharlieBm
18-21, M
Dec 6, 2012