Go Ahead! Take Another Sip!

i watched you grow up and i also watched you fall down,
drinking all of that poison and hanging out with demons with excuses that could never get up out of bed.
you are unique and have such a bright aurora inside ,
but your clouding it up with all of that negativity, all of the lies.
going to get better and never going to take a sip again,
but i always see you sitting there in the dark with your mouth around the saliva infested tip.
if you do not stop now you will forever be lost in the unkown,
ruining your whole future and whatever it may hold.
i know you for who you are and what you can write down with your heartfelt pencil on paper,
your stronger than any warrior i have seen you did not have to fight with any kind of weapon of choice.
CharlieBm CharlieBm
18-21, M
Dec 6, 2012