I Cant Make You Love Me.

i cant make you love me nor can i force you too feel or think,
but one day i would like to show you the sea that i have built and all of the ships that sail the waters freely .
so many ifs, so many buts,
but the only word in this sentence the means something is Us.
together , forever, growing older and older ,
going through life learning what the next door opens to.
there is a infinite amount of sun but not an infinite amount of time,
because unfortunitley my love some day we all have to die.
ill be the one with my ears open when your words come out of your mouth,
giving you advice and helping you through all of your troubled times.
the piano will always play, and so will the guitar,
i cant make you love me but maby i can try
CharlieBm CharlieBm
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 6, 2012

Nice story. You're a great writer.

hey thank you. really means a lot. appreciate it kf