A World I Created For You

i built you a house in my mind that you could live in,
opening up the doors to my creative imagination.
blue clear skies with birds flying high above,
the sun glimmering off the sprinklers making little rainbows of trust.
different combinations of flowers in bloom all around,
leaves falling from their trees hitting the ground without a sound.
music playing from the butterflies wings moving together with endless peace,
bees sucking the nectar off of the sunflowers without ease.
i put my face in the window and see you making your breakfast,
pouring the milk in your cereal carefully like it was an ancient artifact.
it was like the movie was filming itself, such character and beautiful creatures in a world that is just close minded and cannot understand the higher powers of our minds thinking mechanisms .
CharlieBm CharlieBm
18-21, M
Dec 10, 2012