I've Been a Professional Writer For Over 25 Years...

Boring stuff:  business and technical documentation, white papers, marketing collateral, seminar material, etc.


On the side I'm a creative writer.  Not much published, and nothing that you would recognize unless you are really, really esoteric (and from England).  But I have a project that is 3/4 finished and spans six books that will go somewhere.  Even if I have to release it as ebooks.  ;o)

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1 Response Aug 1, 2008

You do that, I would be terribly interested in looking at what you have to say! Really. <br />
It takes time, to process and "live" through the stories. As you have stated, we cross many of the same lines. One of my own biggest issues is the surmountous job of editing...where my fingers can't keep up! <br />
But, I, like you am going to compile and publish in the next 12, even if it's pod.