I have been writing stories since I've known how to read and write. At first, I wrote by hand. I loved using a fountain pen -loved how it felt in my fingers. The problem, though, is that editing is a tedious process when you write by hand, so I'm grateful for computers.

What do I write now? I guess I blog an awful lot. I also write stories - my computer is full of unfinished stories that I hope to complete. I also write short pieces, poems of sorts.

I did finish one story. It's a fanfiction. Before you holler your disapproval, hear me out. Fanfiction isn't all bad. Yes, fanfiction authors use characters that were created by others - but then, all writers take their inspiration somewhere. Jean Rhys' Wide Sargasso Sea is an amazing novel; it's also based on Jane Eyre characters, so technically, it could be called a fanfiction. I also know some fanfiction is truly terrible. But so are many published literature works. I have read works of fanfiction that were incredibly well-written and captivating. Mine isn't that great, but it's my first finished story, and it's being read. To me, that matters.
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can i read the one you finished?

I have actually decided to re-work it. I'll post a link when it's done :)

Here is the story, I have finished re-writing it :)


I loath Jane Eyre. I think I may be the only person ever...

You might like Wide Sargasso Sea. It throws a whole new light on the story, and not a kind one on little Jane.

I'll check it out. :)

Hopefully one day the world will get to read said unfinished stories. Considered using an independent publisher?

I never got to that stage, as I never finished a story! I have *no* idea how I could get about getting published, to be fair.

It's a digital world sweetheart - as you said in your other posting "how stalkers plied their trade pre-twitter" (I know you said it in gest) but the same principal applies - people create things so that options are available. I'm not a publisher, but I do know of one that is a good friend.

I'll get back to you when I finally finish the story that currently runs under the title "Last Flight". It's the one I have put the most work into and I really hope to make something out of it! :)

I won't hold my breath :P Get 'er dunnnnnnn

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