I Hate Coming Up With Titles

It's been ten years of words and sentences and endless frustration. Honestly, a part of me wishes I'd picked up a different hobby all those years ago. I f*cking hate writing, and I can't f*cking stop. It's beautiful, and I love it. Hate, love, isn't passion always a bit of both?

In fact, the only thing I've ever truly been passionate about is writing. It's the only thing I haven't abandoned. It's the one project that was never set aside on a shelf to gather dust. It's the only thing I've ever been completely committed to, the only thing I've ever really wanted to do with my life.

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm any good at writing. Sometimes I surprise myself. Most of the time though, I want to scratch my eyes out.

Still, there's nothing else I've come across that holds such allure.
ajax288 ajax288
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013