Dinner With Poets :)

So, in my english class I had to write a sonnet. I'm not really a fan because there are so many restrictions, but I am pretty proud of this one. It's about the 20's and how I always imagined these iconic people would be, and how they were actually kind of troubled souls. I'm a pretty big fan of Fitzgerald and Hemmingway as you'll see in the poem, so I did a little research. It seems my idols were a bit of the brooding, troubled, brilliant types. Obviously a bit of an understatement but still.....But anyway, I hope you enjoy :)

A Dinner With Poets

A sea side cottage at Chesapeake Bay
Or maybe lovely 20's in Paris
To jazzy swanky music we do sway
This will be a night I'll always cherish

Beautiful women, feathers on flappers
Puffs on his pipe, says yes I'm Hemingway
Boy do these gentlemen sure look dapper
You're Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald you say?

Beneath the music and beautiful rhymes
Secrets hide behind the pretty moonlight
A dark prayer culminates in bright minds
But deep inner demons are kept from sight

Paris and Poets, this night is divine
My dark authors shall overcome and shine
lanikat lanikat
18-21, F
Jan 24, 2013