New And Old

As I make my way down the road less traveled I wonder how many have been here before me. Where did they stop or end? How much longer will it be until I find my resting place. Not death, but a gentle branch to lean on and gather strength for the journey to come.

Long summers are ahead. Heat is drenching my head in sweat. My icy heart is melting to reveal the girl once lost in the mist. I would give anything to have what others do. But that is not what I am here for. There is a greater purpose for those that rise to the occasion.

This is something I must do. This that I have become. I look back on times of old and feel more then I do while living. The things I wish I knew and don't become a distant memory of the things that I will become in the future. A cruelty known by none other then those that are made to live through it. I am a watcher, a waiter, a runner, a taker. I bleed only for those around me. And, in an attempt to find what it is I have lost along the way...I collect from others what they so greedily take for themselves.

orliefoxrox orliefoxrox
22-25, F
Feb 3, 2013