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Pit’S Note Book Avalanche (Part 2)

“Hi Sasha,” he wrote in the chat room, after a long delay sitting in his small apartment located not far from the Hudson River.

“Hi Pit. What is up?” he saw an immediate response.

“All is good. Not much,” he typed again.

“Where are you? I was looking for you all over the world for a couple of days now,” she asked.

“New York,” he replied.

“Why there? Why did you leave Toronto without any warning? Are you writing?” he saw rushing questions.

“No, not really. I have some problems with my computer and I can’t do much. I think that somebody is after me and causing all of this...
I feel safe here. This is the only one place…,” he tried to change subject.

“They are asking! They want to see the next chapters of the book or they will quit on you,” she said decisively.

“I am doing my best. I am telling the truth, but they are after me. I can’t breathe. They chasing me…” he tried to continue his case.

“I want to see you now!” she hit him in the head.

“How?” he wrote after awhile.

“You know how, camera!!! Don’t play stupid,” she pushed him hard.

“I am naked,” he wrote slowly.

“And?”she was relentless.

“I have to shave and…” he tried again.

“I know every inch of your body and every pair of your dirty socks. I washed them for you many times. Don’t play with me. I know you better than you think. Did you see birds again? I want to see you now!!!” she demanded.

“OK. OK. Just a second,” he went to his folder, copied last evenings writing and pasted in the window. He waited for a few minutes, thinking.

“Pit!”  he saw in the chat room and pressed the send button.
Adam was standing in his white bathrobe on the balcony of the Moulin Rouge hotel and he was searching the landscape. Early morning in Lyon with soft touches of wind and muggy rays of sunlight was quite amusing.

He started carving in his mind:

Far away. Far away from my heart there is the music which feeds me well. You are so distant and I will never reach you again. I wouldn’t bear my loneliness anymore…I would… Still you keep coming as flash of the soul. And I want to hear this melody... Just once more.

Mirabelle came quietly. He could feel her smell. Radiation of her feminine side. Her free will, desire of unknown, craving for completion. She placed her cheek on his wide open and strong back and moved closer. Her whole body was hidden now in his. He could feel the pulse of her every vein and he admired her shapely beauty. Her every slight move tasted like forgotten nectar and was pleasurable. They breathed gently as one and sank in peace.
“Do you still go with the hookers?” she brought him to the surface.

“Hm...I slept very well. Thank you for inviting me. It was really kind of you. Did you choose this room?”  Adam started delicately shake inside.

She took cigarettes out her pocket and placed one in his mouth.

“I quit,” he said.

She took the lighter and touched him with the flame, next she threw the lighter over the balustrade.

“You hate them,” said Adam.

”I love the way how you try to hide your weaknesses,” she said. You are so visible and easy to read when you do that.”

He took a puff and opened all the windows and doors.

“I like the view here. It feels like the sea. You know how much…” he started.

“Why do you never touched me?” she asked.

“I am not sure if you really want that.” he answered and took a deep breath. “ You love her. Why did you ask Barbara to write to me?”

“I was afraid that you will say that you can’t come,” she answered and moved her head pushing top of it into his back and separating them to within the distance of ice cube.

“How is Philippe?” continued Adam. “Thank you for taking care of him.”

“He looks almost like you but for sure he is Stan son,” she said and took cigarette out of his mouth and threw it away.

“Stan looks good. Your brother is very strong, just war changed him…”– said Adam as tried to escape to the room. She moved closer again and caught his bathrobe on both sides pulling him towards her.

“Stan will never change,” she said rubbing her head over his back. “Do you still write a lot?”

“No, not much lately, not at all,” Adam become a bit nervous.

I don’t believe you,” she said. “Whenever you lie you sound agitated and artificial. I want to hear it now. I want to see your last page. Your last hour of thought.”

She reached into her pocket again and pulled out another cigarette. She placed it between her lips and inhaled dry a few times. Then with the wet marks on it she slid  it into his mouth.

“I want the last page,” she said again and surrounded him with her arms.

He took cigarette out of his mouth and threw it away. Then he touched his lips and spread wet spots over them. And he started reading out of his mind.

When I look for more… river faster runs… it takes all away. Hands of my desire are empty but they long for home. Nothing - is quiet enough…I will go and make sense out of it…to learn that I lost another chance. Far away. Far away from my heart there is the music...

Bolek Bolek 41-45, M 23 Responses Feb 8, 2013

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I love this. I cannot stop reading it...Peter! I love the images you create. A masterpiece. I love the way you paint with words. And I must read more...more...more...It calms my troubled mind. Kissesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss...Off I scramble. Tearing off pieces of words. Tasting them. Nibbling little bits of pleasure. *smiling with my mouth full* :)

I just wish that you would be here.
I would share with you some of my poems.
It would be wonderful experience for both of us.
I am sure.
Kissing is something what I really love.
I would not be end of it.

I write some poetry, Peter. I create images that I hope make people feel...And my words sing...I am sure it would be that way. I am kissesssssssssssssssss...It would start something unbelievable. *smiles softly again* Thank you for your words, Peter. xxx

I think we should try to write something together if you feel so.
Let me know when you will be in sort of creative mind set and I am in.
Thank you for your kindness.
More kisses.

I think you are at a different level. We would have to be together to write well. I am truthful. More kissessssssssssssssssssssss to you! xxx

No there is no levels here.
Or is very simple.
We can be together I don't see way.
We have a saying - If you want you can.
All depends on you.
Kisses and hugs.

I will think pon it....I am unclear....I have so much chaos in my life...kissesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss...And thoughts...*smiles* Wonders....

I understand.
Chaos is chaos but when things will clear up all is quickly forgotten.
You know where to find me.
You make a step and I will make a few.

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you choose your words well and i love every minute of it.

This is fantastic! I can't stop reading these! :D


Another good chapter - thank you for sharing it!

I wish you wonderful day.
Thank you.

Ok... the second part was just as good if not better than the first. I am officially hooked; great job Peter!!!

You could not say it better.
Thank you.

HOHO. Sir that's one mighty intriguing chappy:D I love your descriptiveness and how sensual the interaction seems. Dark, dark, dark sensualness and mistery. The picture acentuates even more the feeling of dangerous and piercing sensuality. Keep it up:)

Thank you.

There is a lot of light on this path further. There is a lot of shadows too.
As I am saying the light is the most visible when there is the deepest darkness all around.

May prayers with all people of Venezuela.

See - there was a great Master who used to teach how life should be.
Today the dust is only left. We will see what his legacy will be.

It is really matter what people of the land are carrying in their hearts.

I had a chance to spend a lot of time with young generation of Venezuelan as well with Mexican too. I had a hostel in Toronto for over 3 years and students form all over the world were coming to Canada to study English. We were a part education system providing accommodation for students from all over the world. We talked a lot with students and I think I know what they hearts look like.

After some time only will remain what we truly carry in our hearts. The rest will turn into dust. There is only one battle - wining the hearts and minds of others and never betrayed that.

Memento Mori.

That is beautiful, my friend. Our soul's in the heart. You have soem amazingly wonderful ability to touch other's minds:)

So this is where we meet Mirabelle, the books namesake?
Are you Pit?

I am writer.
All characters comes from my mind and life. It is mixture life and a bit fantasy lets say 75% life and 25% fantasy. Her name is not Mirabelle but Mirabelle represent person who inspire me all the time.
I am Pit. I am Adam. I am Archer. I am Max. I am Mirabelle and Stan and Barbara and...Well OK ...I am very much so like Pit.

Hi Peter, your story is slowly warming to me.I think writing a story would be very hard.I like the story and the way you are putting the story line together,yet there is something missing.The connection to part one,I found this part a little confusing,I had to think about it.

Thank you very much.
Please read more.
I was sure you will say that.
Please think as well. When you find out what is missing let me know.

A good variety of atmospheres are coming from your story. Gives the reader plenty to get their head around it all.

Thank you.
That is the way how I exactly wanted.
Thank you so much.

Enjoying your stories Bolek...... keep up the good work

I will.
Thank you for your charm.

Foreshadowing - "...somebody is after me." ominous.

I would not be worry.
This is Hollywood story with happy ending.
I am sure. I am making it.
Whenever you wish you know I am here.
Just let me know what I can do.
Totally no worry all is under control.

Just edit the part "I know you better then you think." Change the "then" with a "than" ... <3

Thank you.
Any that kind of suggestion always welcome.
Thank you for your time and interest in me.
I really appreciate that.


You can tell (as others have written) that English is not your first language-but as booklover510 said, that's part of the charm!

It is not and it will never be.
However I will fix all mistakes before putting my book on market.
However I will not lose my way of thinking and writing. It will be Polish-English.
I am generating funds for professional editor and stocking on herbal tea which we will drink during fights on every sentence.

It was only one Polish writer who wrote in proper English and was world class - Joseph Conrad but still he had English family connections. I my case I have to go with what I have.

Bolek: just keep writing and don't get bogged down by the minutiae. that stuff can be corrected later!

What is "hookers" mean in this story? Is this a prostitute or a sport game?

She was a prostitute and she worked for CIA.
I thought you don't like poetry and prefer to be straightforward.
You don't like games don't play them. Still you like to go to pub even if your husband don't.
There is no game here besides life.

As always. You are a great writer. I like the picture too.

Thank you very much.
You are always kind.

Still reading! :) You're doing really well with character development...

Thank you very much.
Wishing you great day.

dobre ide czytac dalej


beautifiully written

Thank you.

I am enjoying this very much- each section brings it more into focus, good stuff; waiting for more. Also, I agree with booklover510; your writing style is very unique- don't go changing THAT(>it makes it all the more interesting<). <3

Well - I don't know but I feel love when you talk like that.
Thank you so much.

I got goose flesh while reading this its really sad and so much despair its upsetting but so beautiful

I can understand.
I am so sorry for all feelings of sadness and upset.
Please read more. I think it will be OK after all.
Have a great time.
Thank you reading and liking no matter what it is.

intriguing... looking forward to the next chapter <3

Thank you very much for making me feeling good.

Looking forward to more....

I will try to post 3 part today.
It will set totally book climate I hope.
I am a bit nervous but I think it is great story so far.
Thank you.

Honestly? I think you can tell english isnt your first language. If you like I can edit this for you...

Thank you.
Say hello to your friend.
I hope smoking is going well.