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Pit’S Note Book Avalanche (Part 3)

The news was in Pit’s box:
By Pete Willi, Miguel Lona and Tracy Conon, WBC News

17 December 2012 .Updated at 8:25 p.m. ET: A kindergarten teacher's son, clad in black and carrying two 9mm pistols, rampaged through a New City Wansson elementary school Monday, killing 8 small children and four adults, a tragedy President Tarent Soren said had broken the hearts of America.

The gunman, identified as Adam Rupert, 20, was found dead at the scene of the slaughter.

According to the senior Police official Adam has a history of mental illness. Yet the motive for the mass killing – the nation’s second-worst school shooting -- was a mystery.

Pit looked at the message. He found scripted links to the news and read them carefully a few times. He ran it through his data base. All the numbers and names and sequences of events were matching 100%. He did as well probability of coincidence and looked into all the chapters. There was no mistake, he ran all the numbers 3 times and the answer was always the same. He looked into highlighted in red letters and read: based on provided data - story of the writer and occurred events in real time can’t be considered as coincidence. Match in probability viewing 98%, number 8 out of equation.
He sat deep back in his chair and placed both hands on his head. Next he leaned back and hung in the space with his legs crossed on the chair. He was sure that the Ruffus was back on track. He knew it already a few days ago. He knew from the moment when he saw crows. He just wanted to have science behind on his inside.

“It is obvious,” he said. “I couldn’t do much - Section Gama again.”

Pit was working for the agency even before he was born. It was a long story which started in 1887. His great-grandfather moved at that time to United States from the German territory. He settled in New Bridge Wansson and opened a soap factory there. His great-grandfather was a brilliant man and entrepreneur. He was scientist as well and obsessed with new discovery. He was a part of a secret society called Zeleusis.

Members of Zeleusis believed in creating an enlightened world where new discovery would make life happy and prosperous for all. They believed that they are on the verge of harvesting gold from sand rock through process of crystallization.  They were as well advanced in research of atomic infusion and making a new kind of metal lighter than air.

Changing the structure of atom and enhancing it to constant production of fumaric gas was their interest. This way new metal would be lighter than air. Chronit – the new metal was just like flying bubble. It was like a balloon which endlessly produces energy within based on difference of polarizing fields between atoms of mother and father. Energy would naturally flow from higher point to the lower and back in a constant circle. During the process of movement fumaric gas would be created which would empower the metal to fly in the air. Excess of fumaric gas would be absorbed next to the atoms and released when necessary.

Great-grandfather believed in the creation of line cosmetics which would make the consumer in a constant desire of having them. He worked with colors, shapes and the most important - smells. Unfortunately his research brought him to the attention of a global organization called Section Gama.

Interest of SG was to be able to control the minds of others. They develop many techniques to control people’s minds from the distance. It was a spiritual organization but their goals were totally external. Control the global world by any means and ways possible that was their primary desire. SG decided to completely takes over great-grandfather’s research. The game started at that time.
Pit was born into Christian family on the 17 of February 1979 but his future was planed long before. His activity and knowledge was supposed to balance worldly desire of SG. He was never contacted by anybody and he was never confirmed as an agent. Nevertheless he worked and sent messages and he knew the impact of that.

He followed six sources. American, British, Australian, Chinese, Indian, Russian and Saudi Arabian. However family was always important and protected by him the most.

Pit moved back to the computer. He knew that he was followed and he knew that Section Gama want to contact him.

“They decided to use me as a tube for their propaganda,” he thought for a while. “They wish to start conversation with me and use it to their own advantage in their dirty game,” he was sure about that completely. “They want to talk. No doubts.”

He went back on the computer and visited one of the sites. Express Yourself was one of the international sites.  He checked all the messages there. Next he went to the profile of one of his new friends. It was a woman which had once sent him a message that she was looking for peace, equality and justice in the world. He put one of her top group named – If you will block me I will block you - into translation into 20 languages looking for its meaning in their own culture. The answer was: Subject will retaliate and use all means at their disposal when threaten.

He checked her activity. She or he was building a network of supporters. It seemed to be natural to connect with people of the same interest like groups, questions and answers but this was going further. All members of her circle had too many similarities. The most intriguing fact was that they appeared on the site and were leaving at the same time. However the similarities were too obvious. The one who would check on them for sure would know that they  were a net and that they communicating. Simply it was too simple.

He concluded that somebody else was setting the stage. Two days before the shooting in New City she or he asked a question plying for the name for the child which she or he claimed they were adopting. The parents of the child were killed in a bomb blast. On the day of the killings she asked question - which is your biggest sin?

“Yea,” said Pit to himself. “It looks innocent.” But during rampage day all of them came on the site when the drama started and left when it was over.

“Yes. They want to communicate. They want to let us know what they will do. Smart,” he thought again. 

No matter what, composition of all information ran deeper. He or she acted but all the acts itself had much more of meaning.

He knew at this point that somebody is watching him. He released true information about himself, his life and family in different places on the net and waited if something will show up which will look like his story.  Now he knew that he got the answer.

Events in reality looked too perfect. Shooting was appearing like a total evil act but he did not believe in God and evil which can come with it and stuff like that. That is why he was sure that it was a set up. It was too perfect and nobody could be found responsible. However it was happening always during Christian holidays. Like somebody wanted to let them down or punish them during their happiest time. Because it was so perfect it carried one mistake. The way that it was done and perfectness of it pointed directly into the one nest.

“There is something going on out there and they don’t like it,” he whispered. “I will need to put them on the move.”

 He attached his analyze to the news message and send to the source. It sounded like that: Borys is on the vacation. New opportunities in business section. Beta is the way to go.

 He sent as well an add to local newspaper in Russia to cover up his activities: Connect with the friends. If you want learn more. Call Borys.

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All the secrets...Make me wonder....I want more words, the italicized ones....more feelings....On to the next part....I liked the poetry below very much. kissessssssssssssssssssssssssss....I am forgetting the tracks of my tears, Peter. Thank you from my heart.

That is a world that will make you happy and confident as far and deep as you will go.

Thank you for reading me.
I am glad that you like it.
I love the moment when sun is coming out and clouds are going away.
I am always here if you wish for happy moments.

I would love that, Peter. The clouds are like now. A tornado warning downgraded recently to a tornado watch. I long for the radiant sun. I must move to a warmer climate. It is a necessity really....Thank you for your substance. kissesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.....

(Imagien this in a squeaky voice, if you will)Things get interesting!!!! Man this is awesoem! The way you write makes it seem so easy, as in, IT JUST FLOWS:D. (Unsheathing my cool-looking spade) On to the next chappy!

Thank you my friend.
You are great.

Nah. YOU are!=)

wow you got me on my toes


I'd like to have a hut in the wild forest density,
Made of firewood and a forest's scarcity.
Hanged high among old branches pinions,
Over jaguar caves and snake's canyons.
There, on moss, swung with a mad storm,
I'd like to have a maid - strange and warm.
Eat her breast, wounded with my teeth,
And kiss her face - given as a feast;
Hear the storm around my sinful indulge.
A thunderbolt dying noiselessly at large.
Roaring beasts, with our bodies' smell attracted.
Ruptured bodies, elevated, in the spasm contracted.
And there, through an accidental among branches hole,
I'd like to look into the night and stars that glow.
And take for god - any brightness in the sky.
And on the girl's bosom wait over the night.
But welcome the sun with a howl, scream and cry.
Live blindfolded, not knowing the Life.
And laughing boldly at the sky one night,
Not knowing redemption or prayer nor fright,
Like a fruit which devouring jaw awaits,
Fall into death darkness with rumble and yells.

Boleslaw Lesmian

you write brilliantly

Sounds like conspiracy, suppose you never really know who you are talking to online unless they are close friends and family. Also religion does cause many problems in the world. It is a real shame when poor lives are taken. lf only there was just one God, one love, one soul, then we would all worship one and be more United. Of course these days a lot of people don't believe, and follow science or other beliefs.

You never know.
If other side don't wish to show - the face - you never know.
I believe that there is not a problem what we are believing in but who we are.
Unity can be accomplish if all would like to be united.
Thank you for reading me and your comment.
Happy Easter to All!!!

I wonder what will happen next! Another exciting chapter! Thanks for writing it!

It is my great pleasure to read your responds.
Thank you.

Very good :)


I am absolutely galloping towards pt. 4. very interesting "more", she says, "I want more!"

All for you Sweet Heart.
I am here.
I hope you are doing well.
I am honor to be your friend.

Peter,it's getting real interesting.It's the sort of books I like to read.It's starting to have me sitting on the edge of my seat,well done.

Love it.
Love you. It is simple like that.
Thank you so much.
Please promise me to be around to the end - to the end.

Like I said before, your writing is great. I love the the suspense.

Thank you for amazing smile of yours.

Finished 3rd part gonna read 4th ....n its interesting.....

Thank you so much.
You made me happy.
Thank you very much.

Edit the part "It was to perfect".. It should be "too perfect". And I think "However" should have a comma... :-)

When not sure than I am leaving as it is.
Thank you.
Hugs my friend.
I hope all is good with you and your health and family is fine.

Thanks! :-*

you are a good is a great story..I enjoyed:)

Thank you very, very much.

czytam,( trudno tłumaczyc) ... no ale do boju

Dobrze. Bardzo dobrze.

Very intriguing! Nice job!

Thank you.

it should be published; I know the book will be a success.

Wow - thank you.
You are so good. I love you with all my heart.
I am sorry that I am saying this in return to your comment but that is what I feel now.

no need to apologize for how you feel :-)

No no I love the conspiracy theory I was sitting up straight my heart started pounding and then the end jeez freaken awesomest can't wait for the next part hurry up

Thank you.
I am glad that you like it.

It was awesome