I Love to Write, and I Hope To...

I love to write, and I hope to one day publish at least one book. First I have to actually write it though, that's the first hurdle.
kazeldragon kazeldragon
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2 Responses Jul 18, 2007

don't write a book, write a paragraph, then see what happens

Kazeldragon - your perspective is very good. For years I wanted to be an author, but writing a book seemed like a high price to pay for the bragging rights. JaumeI is giving you good advice. I began Invisible Driving in 1990! It was published in January of '07. I cannot tell you how much it evolved, and I evolved, over those 17 years. Question - Does Amazon ship to Alaska? Or is that considered too remote? I'm told the winters are rather long and dark - seems to me good books would be an asset.