I Reached My Goal of Writing a Novel In a Year.

I am typing in up now, but I still count it as a year (in fact it was more like 10 and a half months) and I am so so so happy because it's hard for me to write long stories, I can't stay focused. I guess since this novel is the metaphorical autobiography of my life, something different struck my creative genes, and inspired me to keep going. This story, which I do not have a name for it exactly, has saved my life. Literally. If you have never written anything metaphorically autobiographical, you should!

I write poetry and songs all the time. I write short stories a lot, too. Writing is my best friend, my OCD, my life, my life saver. Writing is me. It gets to the point where I am narrating my life, and cannot tell whether I am living in my own life, or my characters life. I love screenwriting, and have written two, and am working on a couple more currently.

Someday, I hope to publish my work.

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I did what you did, wrote an autobiographical/biographical fiction based novel. The fiction part was used to propel the story, otherwise it would have been stale as heck. It was set in Frankfurt,Germany, one year -- 1973-1974 when my wife and I were in the Army; the Country Club years of the Army in those days. We were both E5 (Sergeants) living off-post. That was the fun part, plus which figures into the story, there was a gasthause (German version of a tavern on the corner of our street. It took me almost two years to write. Working full time and not much time to work on the story, plus my wife and I spent more time reminiscing about that year then I did writing. There was so much to add in I had to sort through notes as to what was relevant. # # #

Without being too cheesy, someday is today. If writing does that much for you imagine what itmay do for someone lese if they read. you sound passionate and that counts for something

a story w/o a reader isn't done yet... publish it!