I Love to Write But I'm Afraid My Stories Are Too Unrealistic and Full of Fluff.

I've written stories since I was six. That was when I wrote my own version of the Lion King while waiting for my mom to go to the store or somewhere. When I was 12 I started a story and finished a year and a half later. Looking back at it, I almost gag at all of the writing errors and such. I've written other stories too, but I'm afraid to show them to others because they might tell me that my writing is too pathetic and that I'll never make anything of it. I'd hate that because I love to write - poetry, fiction and I've recently discovered a interest in writing non fiction - and I'd hate to feel like I am doing something worthless. Yet, I love writing and I always have these stories popping up in my head, bursting to be written.
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3 Responses Jul 25, 2007

That post could have been written by ME. Check EP's post "I Love Creative Writing" and see what some of the authors have there. Compare your writings to these and if they are comparable, make a post and share with us. I have done this and received much praise.

Don't be afraid. Share with us. EP readers are mostly fair and honest in their analysis and criticism - as I have found.

And if you have stories "bursting to be written" in your head - for God's sake, WRITE them. A frustrated writer is a tragedy. Do not listen to those people who you think may not like it or understand. Being a writer takes discipline and practice. I have never stopped since the age of six and could never quit. either. Join us!


If you read my writing I'll read yours.

You truly are a writer! But your fear of not making anything of it is being realized everyday you refuse share your talent! I'd read your stuff! Have a wonderful day and good luck with your writing! =]