I have always had a passion for writing.  One of my biggest dreams in life is to become a published author.  But everytime I get a good idea for a novel and start writing, after a couple of pages or chapters, I develop a serious case of writers block and cannot finish.  Well, today I was inspired by my literary idol, Stephenie Meyer.  On her website she talks about how she had always been able to start on a novel but never could get past a few pages.  Then one night she dreamed about a vampire who was professing his love for just a regular human girl and she actually began typing the story starting at the scene where Bella and Edward are in the woods and he reveals himself, and his true feelings.  Then later she went back and did the beginning of the story.  I never looked at it in that way.  I never thought to just start a story from the middle.  Now that I realize that this story writing genius who has written four best-selling books, a major motion picture under her belt, with three more to follow suit, went through the same thing that I am going through I am inspired to keep waiting for that big idea!

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yes on her website, Stephenie Meyer talked about just how hard it is to get published. If I ever actually finish a story then I don't think I'll wanna stop until someone publishes me. What is your book about??

Don't worry. Inspiration will come.<br />
Sadly, that's one of the easier parts of the process.<br />
Then comes trying to actually get an agent to look at you (that's where my book is at), getting it sold, and then marketing it yourself.<br />
It's an ungodly process. But if you love to write, it will all be worth it.