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I started writing years ago, I used to write about murder but the older I got the more interesting I go in sex so I started writing about sex, fantasy and then I was adding in things I had done, but it was all about lesbian sex my first sex story was while I was at school still, so I wrote about a teacher and a student, becoming sexually involved it was very rough but it was my starting point, I kept writing  short stories about sex I only showed my friends and they all enjoyed them, I started writing a story for a a writing competition I never really got very far on that one got stuck very quick so I stopped I put to much pressure on myself to do to much in to little time, so I decided to start writing for myself so I did its a 75 page stories its called love lost and heartache, it’s about 2 sister and there parents are killed in a car accident and the older sister take the sister in and missed a date with the woman of her dreams, on the same night, so the older sister puts her life on hold to raise her younger sister until she meets the woman that she missed the date with and the woman ends up being the younger sisters math teacher and things don’t go down well with the younger sister when she finds out, but yeah its got some plot twists and its sad everyone who has read it had cried or almost cried reading it so I think that I have done a good job, my friend who is an English teacher edited it for me and I still have to do a bit of work on it but I do hope to get it find a publisher this year who will help me and later this year my best friend and myself are going to start write a story/fact help book for teenager lesbians and we hope to find a publisher that will help us with getting diagrams and stuff but we have it all planed out on paper and on our heads and we are great friend and she is doing the facts what she is great at and I’m doing the stories what I’m good at so hopeful we will make a great team.

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With amazon you can publish any story you like on kindle they get about 50% of the royalties but your also not limited to kindle if you can find a publisher who will print it your allowed to sell your book anywhere etc just amazon will get their cut of the royalties