How Can I???

how can I hate u? how can I hate you when all I do is what's best for you? how can I hate you when all I feel is love towards u? how can I hate you when I'm killing myself to see you alive? how can I hate you when all my life is in your hands and your life is a loss of time? how can I hate you when every heart beat calls out your name? One day you'll understand. One day you will thank me for the life I've worked so hard to give you. One day you will see, that through all the pain happiness will find its way into your life again. I'm still thinking of you as much as I always used to. I will be waiting for you to find yourself, your path, to be free again. but you must not know. you must not see where I'm leading you. The path you have to follow only you are able to determine. but when you're through you'll find me right there waiting for you to come home. you'll find me welcoming you the way they welcome a warrior after a great adventure. I will take you home to your home where you belong where u've belonged since the beginning of time...
pepperony pepperony
26-30, M
Mar 15, 2009