Fading Memories

As I lay my thoughts of you onto this paper, memories of you just fade away. The rock on my chest disapears, my heart is back where it belongs and a smile traces my face. So many tears have run on my cheeks wwashing away those long gone years. you're just a memory I cherish with a smille before it disapears in the shadows of time. Days will pass and years will come and befor I know it your memories will be gone. and I breathe life back again with a welcoming smile knowing that you had your part in that life at a certain time. a time which taught me lessons and made me the man I am now. for that I smile and feel alive and free. One day our roads will cross again, hopefully not soon but when they do I'm sure I will be me and just hope you would be you. 

pepperony pepperony
26-30, M
Mar 15, 2009