Digging deeper in the meaning of life, I find myself in front of thousands of questions like an ocean with no end, where the more u dive the darker & harder it gets.

More mystery and suffering more darkness searching for salvation and calm in the deep ocean of life, where things get mixed, where everything loses its meaning in the solitude of darkness & restless days & night driving me further through thoughts leading me to a single conclusion: life is a big lie made to hide the truth from our eyes, while truth is shadowed by the mean deep ocean called life, where it lies at its bottom like a candle at the end of a never ending tunnel. U can barely see it through the confusion created by the chaos of people & faces living among us taking us up down here there while the only way we are taken is away from this light away from the truth deeper in the darkness, where we find ourselves digging our own graves day by day waiting for the day when we need it when we die. And so on life leads u away from the truth away from the light away from salvation deeper into lies into a non return where the more u walk u walk away & wherever u go it’s no where near the truth.

pepperony pepperony
26-30, M
Mar 16, 2009