I Have Been Shamed

Alright, Colin has shamed me into writing. Honestly, I consistently forget I have a profile on this site.

I write novels in my head that I am too lazy to sit down and get out and into words. One of them has been kicking around for years now. It's an interesting little sci-fi plot, with 3-D computer-generated celebrities and an eternal winter. Another story I've been working on and have actually gained some progress, albeit slow is - well I'm not sure of its genre yet. It started as a joke, a character sketch of a friend of mine as a Physics Demon. A theoretical entity within physics hypotheises that can exist outside of known laws. But really, physics has very little to do with the plot. That's just the background on what he is (sort of.)

Its been said that I have ADD/OCD - that I'm simultaniously doing 13 things at once and focusing completely on each, but in a loop. This can make it tough to generate one straight storyline at a time.

But now I have written, there you have it Colin. My story of thwarted and sullied inspiration. I will undoubtedly now go and write something entirely insipid, self-serving and probably masturbatory.
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my dream is to be a writter