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I wrote my first multi-chapter story when I was six years old. It was called 'Felicity.' Originally it was about a girl growing up on a plantation in Mississippi during the American Civil War but somewhere in the middle of the story she went back in time to the Revolutionary War and by the end she had found her long lost identical twin sister who had different parents and in the end they ran away to live in the Secret Garden. Keep in mind that I was six years old when I wrote this.

Now, seventeen years later, I'm still writing both one shots and multi chaptered stories but now they make sense. I never write fanfiction, choosing instead to make up my own characters and settings. I'm also a figure skater so most of my stories revolve around figure skating in some way. I've never been published but I'm still hoping. Samples of my writing can be found at my Live Journal:

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I want to read it too! A diary is a great idea if that feels right to you too. You know, you could do worse than read 'Gone with the wind' to start your research. You should definitely write it though. xx

I've thought about going back to it and writing it as if she were writing the story in her diary. If I did it would involve a lot of research. It would probably start from like right before the war when she was really young and go at least until a few years after the war, maybe until she died. I don't know. I haven't put a lot of thought into it.

"a girl growing up on a plantation in Mississippi during the American Civil War "<br />
<br />
...would make a fascinating backdrop for a book. What an absolute wealth of material and historical reference you'd have to draw from. I'd buy it. Of course, you'd have to make it an epic - or turn one book into a series so that readers could follow her development through to love, marriage and motherhood.<br />
<br />
I'd love to read about that!