Am I His *****

 If a dog does me am I his *****?

Pamala Pamala
46-50, T
10 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Were you in a calm submissive state?<br />
Did the experience grind or grate?<br />
Was your mind in a fog<br />
Ridden by alpha dog?<br />
Did it make you curse your sory fate?

I'm sorry to hear that, I can imagine you shared quite a strong bond. labs are nice, their hair soft and they maintain a good temperment.

we all sorry to see one pass like that special when you have strong ties in his with you know that all to well from my part

He was a black lab he is dead now !

Care to share Pamela? What kind of dog is he? What was your first time like? You can se my experience under Had Sex With An Animal. You're not alone.

As long as after I feed him he feeds me!!

Good one goldwaffles. I guess then you stop beinghis ***** and become his servant. <br />
It sounds like Pamela is having a good time.

you're his ***** til he needs you to fill his food bowl

that is so true im his ***** when he wants an needs me olny to feed him

You are right now I am anyones *****!!And also his *****

During the time he's on top, in his mind you are, and while he's in control you will feel like you are. But dogs aen't particularly monogamous, once he's done with you he doesn't much care or take any ownership, you could be anyones *****. But, if you enjoyed him, in your mind you will always be a ***** for him.

And once you let him make you his ***** there is no turning back. He will be the dominant dog in your house.

isnt that we want to have ot let dog have control so to speak