Tell Me Your Experience

Hey.. this is a place where YPs mommies come to share their experiences with others.

1. How did you know you were pregnant?
2. Did you confide in anyone? If so, who?
3. Did you tell the baby daddy?
4. How did your parents find out?
5. What were their reactions? Both parents and father of baby
6. What were your early signs?
7. What did you crave most?
8. What was the most annoying thing about your pregnancy?
9. What did you enjoy most about your pregnancy?
10. What were your plans to stay healthy and fit while still with the bump?


this and many more. basically, talk about anything you would want as a young mum to be :-))

ricevegetablesfish ricevegetablesfish
22-25, F
Mar 4, 2013