Fluttering Something

"Find something you love to do and you never have to work for in your life."

I first read this quote given by Ray Bradbury on his foreword about his amazing book, Fahrenheit 451. It struck me like hitting your funny bone hard on metal and stuck to me like gum under my shoe. Years passed and Steve Jobs said the same thing.

Now faerie is no Ray Bradbury nor a Steve Jobs. In fact, I am nowhere near their calibre as it took me years to find that something, A SoMeTHiNG. Perhaps I have known it a long time, but unlike the two famous men, they simply did it... probably at the conception of its first thought. Faerie kinda dwindled, often straying, whether it's because of family, work, health, what-have-yous... we can think of sooo many excuses for simply NoT doing it. Eventually leading to years of sackful of wondering, truckloads of thinking, mountains of analyzing... and the ever famous phrase, a whackload of 'what ifs'.

They became my baggage that continued to weigh me down; and yet for the full effect of it, I continuously let it lag behind me... then feeling I am unable to move forward. I know. Duh.

I am now the butterfly who has left behind that baggage. They're not forgotten. I visit one at a time only after I am stronger with my wings to flutter about it. There really is no point in hovering above our baggage when it doesn't serve us at the moment. Faerie will only end up fluttering in circles.

I am now the butterfly who followed her path towards THe SoMeTHiNG I love to do. And with each class I guide into the practice, it's not work at all. Nuh uh *shakes faeriehead*. I simply fly and flutter with the poses.



Sylphy Sylphy
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Thank you again for the rates... =)

I am so glad for you. I am trying not to let the wind just blow me around, but instead I want to steer my future. It's hard to know what it is that is so much fun that it's not work. I'm at least part way there. I like working with the accounting stuff I work with. There's lots of opportunity to bring creativity to the work (not "creative accounting" though, haha!).

Creativity doesn't always stem from the world of art per se. Think that's a misconception when we are asked to be creative in ourselves. Do you know the tv show series, Numb3rs? He is this math genius who sprouted his intelligence into creativity by helping solve crimes. Now I know there isn't any crime fighting in accounting... except maybe those hags you have at work... but who knows what you may come up with 'creative accounting'? Creativity is when you explore with your imagination and make them come to life... and they can be whatever you want them to be, sweets.

I still have my other job. And it would be sweeter to only do yoga... but we'll see...

There is a field called forensic accounting, where you get to look into the books of people and businesses who are suspected of cheating and money hiding. I don't think I'm experienced enough yet for that work, or if I even would want to do that. I like putting reports together; making them look really professional. And, making charts and graphs that are easy to understand. My work involves a lot of digging to understand the details of costs and revenue trends, etc. I like digging into questions like that.

Then that's your creativity right there. The digging... as long as it nourishes your heart and soul in what you do, then it's perfect! I do some digging, too in my job. They call it investigative reporting, and it happens when there is some non-conformity to standard procedure eventually leading to out of specs or poor quality. I love the digging part and I enjoyed the course I took on that.

I am glad you have found your bliss. We make the world what we want, and happiness follows when we actively follow what is right, honest, gives us pleasure which we pass on by just being happy, and makes the world a better place. The positive feedback loop is a powerful thing. :-)

We reap what we sow. But the planting was difficult... lots of aches and whines, the soil wasn't ready, sporadic rains, the season... yet all worth it. Else I wouldn't flutter like this if things came too easy.

But dang was that ever a road less travelled!

and yet you are growing, healthy, vibrant, enjoy life, laughing, friends, a wonderful overgrown pup, and Sylph Jr.

Amazing how when you live with authenticity and in touch with who you are, and what you want, you move always towards happiness ( admittedly, there are bumps- I have had a few doozies myself, but there is always after the bump....)

Enjoy the journey/bushwhacking, Mrs. Livingston. :-) ( you know the quote? about 'Livingston, I presume?")

The life of an explorer’s forgotten wife?
But my ex ain't no explorer!

No, no,no,no....(well, yes for the explorer bit- but that is not what I meant...)- you get to be on a great exploration- going bushwhacking, new territory, you are on an expedition.....revel in the adventure, in the process.....you aren't lost- you are where you want to be, let others catch up with you if they want, and if not,now worries, you are on a wonderful adventure.....

I know what you were saying... was being silly. ;P

I am where I am meant to be right now. And I'm all right with that. I know where I want to be... but it is not meant to be at this time... not yet...

I look forward to getting to knowing you better along the journey....:-) so exciting to know you are traveling on a path that is right for you... :- ) very, very happy for you.....it is always the journey that counts.....(although destinations are great, the journey is what tells about who we are and how we handle things....at least in how I see things...)

The destination is the cherry on the icing. The journey is the layers of the cake. The icing are the ones we encounter on the journey... be it a cool spring, or a heady field of tall grass, or an enormous majestic tree... or even strangers and friends who dip their fingers on the icing and dab on faerie's nose... sometimes the icing can turn sour so we maneuver to a different layer on the cake.

glad there is a big, yummy cake with lots of layers with lots of different flavors, icings, and decorations...all for exploring..... ***skips off into a big mess of sticky gooey chocolate something.....YAY*****

Lol. I once was asked which part of the cake do I eat first. And I usually start off with the icing. I now understand what the question meant.

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Thank you for the rates... =)

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*bows to your majestic hair*
You're sweet and funny. Thank you, Laffs. =)