Idk what to do. Im having an affair with man who is 46. Im 20
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Age is a number, but single ppl are better lol :) Been there, done that. Nothing good comes out of it

We arent really looking for anything to come out if it. At least we didnt plan on it. Its just supposed to be sex, but the more it goes on the more I kinda wish it was more

yh typically that happens. someone usually wants more

Do you think I should keep doing it? If im feeling more than we agreed on?

that's quite an age gap...hope he's not just taking advantage of you

We just have sex, thats it. I guess were taking advantage of each other?

fair enough. for how long if u dont mind me asking?

Like a month and a half maybe a little longer

be careful. it's very difficult to engage in a continuos sexual relationship without slowly developing much stronger feelings for the person you are being intimate with. If he's 46 and happy to continue this casual fling then something tells me it wont be him. Just protect yourself. You don't want to end up heartbroken.

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