Grandmother At 43

I just became a Grandma (Meemah) of two last year at age 43.  My daughter had a girl in April and my son's wife had a girl in August.  Wow has my life changed!  I've always wanted to be front and center as a Grandma because my kids didn't grow up with Grandparents.  BUT - I am also in the prime of my life.  I made a career change the same year this all happened.  I love being a Grandma and I love those babies with all my heart.  I am just having a hard time keeping my personal goals because some weeks I spend a lot of time with the babies.  For example this week I volunteered to watch my Granddaughter from Monday afternoon till Saturday morning because my Daughter's babysitter is on vacation.   Yikes!  at a year old she is into everything -boy I am exhausted and can't get much done.  

Anyway - does anyone have any ideas on how to set boundaries or limits on babysitting?  How often do you watch your Grandbabies?  I must admit I have a hard time saying no - because they are so dang cute!  BUT I have a life too and want to create a healthy balance. 

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1 Response May 23, 2012

I am also the grandmother of 2 girls ages 4 and 1. I am 43. I enjoy my grandchildren very much too but it is exhausting! I still have a 13 year old and a 16 year old at home!
One of the things I have had to do is learn to tell my daughter no to babysitting all the time. It's hard for me because I'm not one to say no very often. But I stay busy with my life too and I've explained to their mom how very tired I get. She was understanding more than I thought she would be! I still watch the girls just not all the time. And I feel so much happier with the time I do spend with them!