I started on this wonderful ride that people call being a Grandparent when I was just 39......And if you are asking yes....That is a young age....

And yes....It was my child....and my grandchild...It started the old fashoned way.....He is my REAL grand kid.....And his name is Thomas...And he is a great kid.....And I would never change that fact that I am a Young Nana....and Thomas made me that way

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I am very touched by your experiences and I work for a very reputable Television Production company and we are looking for young grandmothers to tell their stories on TV. If interested please message me or <br />
email me at abrozell(a)shedmediaus(dot)com

Yea....He loves the fact that We can keep up with him....and he really loves all the things that Papa does with him...<br />
<br />
Thomas has brought my daughter and me together...We were not real close....I had to work far too much when my daughter was a kid.

=) I made my mother a nana at 36 and think it's wonderful that my daughter (turning 11 on Monday!) has a young grandma. My mom and I weren't close and I grew up a little different than most people, but when I had my daughter, it brought us back together. We now have a relationship that I never thought was possible. And she loves the canoli out of my little lady and vice versa! I think Thomas will appreciate you for your youth and you'll be here to see him grow up!<br />
His friends will be jealous too ;-)