I Want A Lesbian Best Friend Who I Can Relate To.

i want someone i can relate to. and someone i can talk to about girls comfortably with. my 5 best friends are all straight and boy crazy and i just feel so awkward when they talk about boys. i haven't told them i'm lesbian yet. but i just want someone to talk to about the girl i love. i'm inlove with a straight girl and it would be nice to tell someone and someone who will be comfortable when i brag about her haha i'm 14 and i will talk to anyone who will listen. Either online or someone who's near me. :)))
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Hi, I'm in the same position although I have told two close friends. But, they don't understand me. I also am crushing on a straight girl and understand the pain ;) Im a little younger I'm 13 but i'd still love to speak

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hey me to you email me sometime

Kik me (: MrTimn

Hey kik me if you still want a lesbian freind _lily_0

Thats How i Am

I'm willing to listen to anyone for when i was your age I wished I had someone to talk to about women and other things. Message me if you like..

okay cool inbox me :) i can't get on to your profile