I'm New :)

Hello all :) I am a girlfriend to a United States Marine that's based overseas. I found this site today while searching for fellow military bloggers. Although this is not a networking site, I'm glad I came across it :)  My Marine and I met two years ago via Facebook. After losing touch, in August 2009 we started talking again and immediately started dating.  In Decemeber 2009, we finally met and are  now currently waiting for him to come back home so we can become engaged :)

Around the time we started dating, I created a blog to help me connect with other women out there who experience the military life in some form and to learn more about myself. Almost a year later and I'm still learning new things every day, but have met some really amazing people along the way! My blog is my diary: a way to document life as I know it. Feel free to check it out here: www.life-itssomethingbeautiful.blogspot.com

I'm excited to get to know you all more. In the midwest, there aren't many girls who understand!
Jun 13, 2010