Missing Him More

Ok so im new to all this and i've never looked for help in the year that my fiance has been in the army until now. simply because as pretty much you all know this is hard and it only gets harder.
i find myself constantly remembering the times we've been together the places that we;ve visited and even in places where we havent been together i begin wishing he was there. this has happened before and i have learned to live with it except that this time its much worse i find my self happy and smiling while im remembering all the things we've done together and then imedietly sad as i slowly come back to reality. I've tried to keep my self busy and I've tried not to think about him being gone but it just doesnt seem possible at the moment i dont know what to do.
soontobrose soontobrose
18-21, F
Jul 15, 2010