My Boyfriend Is Leaving :(

My name is amber and my boyfriend, Mark, is leaving for the Army. I met my current boyfriend about a year ago. We were just friends then and he was actually with a friend of mine. He was gone from around December to May when he actually got discharged. As he was going to leave we started talking online and he would call me almost everyday. I would literally sign onto Myspace and keep it up for hours incase he were to get online. So when he finally came back he was supposed to be with my friend but their relationship kind of died down by then anyways since she was not very faithful. He came back around the beginning of May this year and we have actually only been together since May 18th, but I am in love with him. When he got discharged he was informed he could re enroll after 6 months. I kind of thought he wouldn’t and instead we talked about him doing National Guard. Now he plans on leaving around October for 17 weeks…  I really don’t like it but since I am in love with him and he is the man I want to be with, I will be there for him. I really don’t want him leaving and it’s not because he will be leaving me only, he also has a son (only a month old). It is not my child but another girl’s. That is also another really hard thing for me but it’s not my fault. Because I do love him I will be there for him and his son. I’m so sad he is going to leave and I just want to know if I should wait for him or not. He talked about when he is done with basic he would come back and marry me and I could come with him where ever they put him but the problem is I will still be in school. It will be my senior year of high school and he is already graduated (class of ’09). In the beginning of our relationship I talked about if he would go into the army again I would break up with him because I couldn’t be away from him that long and so I motivated him to stay in AZ with me by being in National Guard but now he wants nothing to do with it. Please give me some advice I need it. I need support and to be told I can wait for him and that it will be easy when he does come back.
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My boyfriend is leaving in 2 weeks for USMC boot camp, im so nervous!!<br />
p.s. I'm from AZ too!!

thanks that does help. :) it would just be hard being married to him but not living the normal life that i wanted to do. you know go to college, move in together, get married, have kids, but it would be like get married go to college, kids, never see my family and friends, be really far from them its all too crazy but i kind of like it and am excited to experience something new. i just hope we do stay together that long