I Don't Deserve Him

so I met this amazing man a few years back. We have shared the same friends and many times been at the same places. About a few years ago we ran into one another and exchanged numbers. We talked to each other through texts messages and soon we realised we were going through the same hardships. After that we became inseparable. We leaned on each other for balance and comfort. We also know we need each other. We are about to move to south  carolina in three weeks. im excited to start our new life down there. he will be deploying in a few months for afganistan. im nervous but i know i have to stay positive for him. he is the greatest thing that ever walked back into my life. and im writing because im new to military life and im open for suggestions on how to deal with all the new rules that will be thrown at me.
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1 Response Jul 25, 2010

Rule #1... When he says "I'm not allowed to say where I'm going or what I'm doing there." just trust him... This is the part the aggravates me the most but I hear it often and the one time I proceeded to beg and was finally told, I wish I didnt know! Trust him completely when he doesnt want to say!