I Think It's Disgusting The Army's Bill For Aircon In Afghanistan Is $20billion


hope they all get colds
think of the energy
and did anyone see
those golf balls
in a minefield?
or snipers, or something
must be horrible to be
an american with a passport
I'd be so embarrassed
as embarassed as
the 25 stone woman
who was due to sit next to me
on a flight back from
Chicago, Illinois
needed 2 seats and I told her so
everybody laughing,
it was damn funny at the time

junk food junkies are literally
a waste of space aren't they?
macadee's should sponsor liposuction
to keep their punters eating
and I got a whole middle
row out of the deal anyway
miracles do happen indeed
but not in afghanistan sadly

poking noses where it shouldn't be
for some oil pipeline,
Resources, drugs=aircon
When they should be home having
A Sunday roast with their bretheren
And the accountancy is shocking
but all those bakshish backhanders
Hamed has got them by the kharzai's
cos you think they will bother taking
anything away at all
like the punters at glasto
just cannot be a r s e d
will be one hell of a yard sale
bring your boys hOme nOW!

give peace a chance x
41-45, M
2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

mispelled some of it yes, <br />
but do i have ti write sic after everything?<br />
cos its sick you have been<br />
brainwashed since bush<br />
for wars in countries where<br />
they should never be<br />
<br />
and your country remains <br />
the biggest drug dealer<br />
known to this earth<br />
and your husbands a part of it<br />
would'nt you know<br />
a thug for the petrochemical<br />
banking, pharma cartel<br />
he gets a uniform and everything<br />
but can he think for himself?<br />
If he can, which I doubt<br />
you got to be brain dead to enlist<br />
and its against the good book<br />
please look here in peace<br />
<br />

okay, well first off, i could barely read anything you wrote because half of it's mispelled, and second, my boyfriend is in the army so i don't appreciate what you said. <br />
obviously you dont care whos feelings you hurt and need to go to a deserted island so noone has to deal with your bullshit anymore, bye :]