How He Manages To Still Be Here While Hes Far

so he calls me today and says he dosent want me to go anywhere today. Ofcourse, im going crazy wondering why he would want me to stay home all day. So, my mind goes crazy wondering why its so important for me to stay home. I know that there would be no chance of it being him coming home because well its imposible. and as im sitting there wondering what in the world is going on the door bell rings. I think nothing of it because well I had no idea why I had to stay home. and there at the door stands this lady whos asking for me and apperently she has a delivery for me. I sign the paper and she goes off to her van and returns with the most beautiful bouquet of my favorite: roses. The lady leaves and im still in awe I read the note and cant help but cry because it feels as if i can just go to his house and find him there. he feels so close but yet so far.
soontobrose soontobrose
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1 Response Jul 31, 2010

What a wonderful story!! Thank you for making me smile :) It sounds like you really have a good one!