I Am Pregnant And I Feel Alone...

Well i took a pregnancy test on monday and i found out that i was pregnant. Tuesday my solider left to i dont know where. and i have no idea when he will be back. I went to the doctor today i found out i am a little under 11 weeks along. I am due around the beginning of april. I went to my mom's house to tell her and all she said was thats nice. She was never enthusiastic about anything. So i dont know why i expected anything different just really wish he was here right now. My friends are happy for me but its not the same. I still feel alone well besides the little one growing inside me of course . I am trying to keep in together and the emotions under control cause i am a type 1 diabetic. i have been since i was little. So i have to be extra careful. Everything just really sucks right now. I go to class come home to an empty house and just sit here. It has been barely two days and i feel like this what am gonna do for the next 7 months that i could be without him. and to top things off i found out that they put six months on one of close friends with cancer
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Congrats on the baby! I can relate about feeling alone. I can be with my friends and still feel empty without him. My boyfriend has been deployed for about six months now and all i can think about is the day he gets back. Keep yourself busy! Do things with your friends or something it really helps get your mind off things for a little bit. Stay strong girl, and if you ever need someone to talk to feel free to message me :)

thank you so much

Hey girl..I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after Shawn left for bootcamp..I think I was like 6 weeks when I found out..and I didn't have hm at all throughout my whole pregnancy..I think I saw him once when I was 6 months pregnant..and he wasn't able to be in town when she was born, but came the day after to meet her..it's definitely hard being alone..but hopefully your family and friends will help you get through this! And I'm sure once you talk to your boyfriend will be as supportve as he can! If you ever need anything dont hesitate to message me.. I know how you feel and trust me it sucks! But hang in there girl..in April you will have a beautiful baby!! Congratulations:)

thanks i guess it just one day at a time for now and ill def message ya : )

Congrats on the Baby! I'm sorry to hear that you feel so alone. Deployments are hard, i can only imagine how much more that is to take on with everything else. I may not know exactly what you're going through but if you need someone to talk to i'm here (: Try finding things to keep yourself busy as much as you can. I know that feeling of an empty house to come home to after class is a lonely one, that is ultimately what led me to this site. I hope things start looking up for you! stay strong girl <3

Thank you . i will definitely take your offer up to talk : )