Hamlet Air Force Parody.

I had to write a parody of Hamlets soliloquy for school I dont even really know if this follows the directions but Im turning it anyways! And I got this idea from a friend that I made on this site (Thank you! haha) But I figured Id share it with you girls. :)

To write, or not to write: that is the question:
Is it better to just try to survive on my own and endure?
Should I show my soldier the sorrowfulness,
Of a letter from an airman’s girl,
Or to try to fake my joyfulness in the letters that I send,
And not worry about him not knowing? To send, to keep,
No more- By sending every letter, knowing it's better,
Then trying to endure the pain I suffer on my own.
And we are in this unitedly
whether we are 2000 miles apart or very close together.
A phone call or a letter is to be wished for every day. To go, to stay,
To stay! Perhaps be alone.
Yes, but it will all be worth it when I hear his voice on the phone,
For staying with my solder will be hard and tough at times,
When I see him after months or years I know it will all be fine,
Mustn’t make me stay. And yes; we will marry one day
That makes being an airman's girl not so dreadful.
Thus I am extremely proud of my soldier!
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3 Responses Dec 6, 2011

We're studying Hamlet right now in my English class, and I think this is really clever. Hahaha. :) It's really cute to people who are dealing with this right now, because we totally understand and look at it like "Wow, this is reading what I've been going through for months." :P

Haha yeah im studying hamlet in english too. I had to rewrite the soliliquy and I sat here staying at it for hours and came up with nothing but after I was given the idea to do it air force style I wrote it all in like 5 minutes. :)

Hahaha, because it's ingrained, I guess ;)

lol your welcome and this is amazing :D lol hahahahahhahaahahah i love it. see it all works out :D

Lol I got it done in like 5 minutes.

lol hahah that good :D

I love this!

Thank you!! :)