Loneliness Lingering Over Me Again

Today is an extremely hard day for me...i dont think i have felt so lonely ever before in my life. i so desperatly want to be in my sailors arms today more than ever and i dont know why today makes it any different from any other. I feel like time is creeping by and nothing i do can make it go any faster...my heart longs for matthew and i cant wait till the end of may to get here. My baby doesnt even know how much i need him in my life, he means so much to me and he is always on my mind, constantly thinking what hes doing or if im on his. Everytime i talk to him i long for more time, just one more minute just one slight hint that hes missing me the way im missing him. I miss his comforting touch, rolling over and feeling him beside me, hearing him shuffling around, hearing his voice call for me...:( I feel like im in a nightmare and not able to wake up. Hanging on to every word he says as if it is the most intense story i have ever heard. I want to wake up in his arms, come home from work and feel him wrap his arms around me, feel his kiss and hear him tell me hes here. My life feels so empty without him here i cant explain the love i have for him and may never be able to. Hes an amazing man and i cant wait to be with him again.
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2 Responses Mar 4, 2012

I know the feeling there are certain days that get to me more than others and this past weekend was one of them. My daughter misses him a lot and that makes it super tough also, he isn't her real dad but her real dad has nothing to do with her or his family. Which is completely their loss but tyler treats her as his own and so does his family. They are so wonderful and amazing... I have not seen my boyfriend since January 9th and won't see him till Nov/Dec :( super tough and hard and some days are super tough... :( Ever need anyone to talk to I am here you can message me anytime:)

i feel the same way about my marine! Words can never fully be equivalent to how we actually feel about our men. We wish we could only show them. I actually struggle with school worrying about when we can talk again or wondering how he is doing. We miss the small things such as a kiss, a hug, cuddling, even just talking face to face. We all yearn for the time they are in our arms once again. I let my marine know every night that i am proud of what he does, will always support him, that he is my life, and that i love him. it doesnt seem like enough but that is all i can do at this point. hold on strong! :)