To Much For One Night...


So for those that don't know yet my boyfriend leaves for basic Sept. 4 for the army. I just learned today that after bootcamp he will leave Nov. 19 for is AIT which is 4 1/2 months. Not only he is leaving in our anniversary (1 yr and 8 months) which is the 19, but he will also not be here for the holidays which i don't work nor our 2 year anniversary. Are you serious!? Then he goes to airborne school. I have no clue how can I get through this. I mean I know I can, but it's just a lot to take in right now. I'm so overwhelm with everything. Him missing out on every holiday and our two years it's driving me crazy. This is going to be the second time not being with him on New Years Eve because I was working till 2 in the morning. Now that I don't work, he will not be here :( Hopefully when the time comes is not as bad as it seems. Someone please help with some advice to calm me down. I really need it.

Thank You!
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quick question is your boyfriend also in infantry??? <br />
cause if so then i think our boys will be leaving the same day,<br />
is your boyfriend going to fort beninggg??

My boyfriend is in the Air Force, and yes, it is really hard. But it will do wonders for your relationship. I mean, I already thought I had a perfect relationship lol but its gotten even better. My boyfriend missed a lot of things as well... he was gone for Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, and my birthday. Easter is this weekend and I'm flying out to be with him so we can have a holiday together lol. I saw him after graduation and one thing I would recommend to you is to start saving money to see him now! In 8 months I saved like $3000 and am still putting money away, but because I saved so much I have been able to fly out and see him at his school every other weekend which has been awesome! I make sure I pay my bills and then I put away at least $400 a month into my savings for travel money... I don't spend a ton of money on myself but it really comes down to what is more important, having a new outfit or seeing him lol. Also, just enjoy the summer that you have with him! It will go fast, but don't spend your time worrying about stuff that you don't have any control over, thats what I did and I feel like I wasted precious time with him!

I really needed that. I know I can do this. Is just I was so overwhelm because he told me all of that in like half an hour. But I'm better now thanks. I just have to keep my head high and focus on school way more now, so I won't think about it too much.Thanks you so much :)

you have to keep yourself busy. in reality i'm not going to lie to you it sucks. something is going to havppen everyday that you're gonna wish you could tell him about but when they tell you it get easier it really does........eventually. stay on EP and talk to us we'll def get you through it. if you don't know i'm a soldier and an army girlfriend so i get double doses of separation. being without him isn't so bad when i have friends to be around or when i'm at school or work. the weekends hit hard because he used to occupy my free weekend time. you have to keep telling yourself that you can do this no matter how down you get. as far as holidays surround yourself with friends and family they will help you get through it. everything gets better towards the end i promise. the days will fly by before you know it. my soldier left march 5th and i only have 87 more days left. that might seem like forever but the days are flying by now. you can do this stay strong and if you need to talk the other girls and i are here for you!