He got to call me today! There are no words to describe my excitement upon seeing his name pop up on my phone! My saddness was completely replaced with so much love and happiness. Also finding out he will be able to call me up to 3 times a week was a huge relief. There is a down side though.. He sounded really upset. He said hearing my voice made him sad and made him miss me way more :/ It also probably didnt help that i was hanging out with all of our mutual friends at our usual hangout out. I told him to stay strong and i would to. So happy to hear from him! I just hope things get better for my poor baby and he cheers up a little bit! Any ideas of things i can send him or anything to make him cheer up a little?
jessbaby2 jessbaby2
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1 Response Apr 11, 2012

Oh the phone calls, aren't they wonderful!? During a year long deployment, the one that occurred while I was planning our wedding I was able to hear his voice on the phone twice. Meant the world to me each time. As far as what to send that depends on where he is and what they can have. I'm sure you know that but it's always something to keep in the back of your mind. Movies (popular movies that came out since they've been gone), music that they might REALLY like but can't get a hold of or foods that they love that will travel safely through the mail. I discovered with the food also though that there are restrictions ba<x>sed on their location. Immersed in a culture that hates pork and the concept of eating pork makes pig jerky a bad move. Just food for thought... so to speak. But I'm very happy for you both that you you're able to keep each other strong. He needs you as much if not more than you know you need him during this time. stay tough jessbaby2.