Alone, Depressed.

My husband and I have been married for about a year now. I however didnt move to the base with him til around the first week of July. I have been here ever since then and have kept busy with my writing, drawing, and over all taking care of things around the house. I didnt really meet any of his friends wives until around October. Everytime Im around other army wives I feel like Im so awkward and out of place and like something is so incredibly wrong about me. There has been more then a couple times where I have exchanged cell numbers with other wives and been real excited thinking she could turn into a potential friend. But all that happens is we text maybe a couple days and after that when I try to intiate a conversation I never hear back again. One wife told me flat out she really just wanted the other wifes number but since I was there too she asked for mine so not to leave me out, but never had ever intention of talking to me again. Even more recently I thought I made a very good friend. We had different political ideology and I thought when we went to those subjects we were having good discussions and debates. She ended up deleting me and blocking me from her facebook and when I tried to figure out why through a text she never gave me any responce. The only common factor in all this is me. Something is wrong with me. Maybe I say the wrong things. Maybe its because Im only 20 and the closest one to my age was 25. But its all me. I cant see any other way around it. What am I doing wrong?
18-21, F
May 6, 2012