I'm In Love With An Army Man

I'm 18 years old and I met my boyfriend 2 months ago while he was on leave, we met, then spent every day together that whole week. When it was time for him to head back to base in Kansas and I watched his dads car drive off with him in the passenger seat, it was the hardest moment of my life. I sat in my car and cried, I had no idea I'd fallen so hard for him. We were texting non stop and about 2 weeks later he texts me, "guess what I just did:)" he had bought a plane ticket to come back and see me for the weekend. I was so excited. He met my family and they adore him. Then we became official. Now, a month later, he's getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan. It breaks my heart that he won't be here to see me graduate, spend the summer with his friends, miss the holidays..I just pray that he'll be safe, along with all the other soldiers out there. I've fallen in love with this wonderful man, but we have yet to use the "love" word. I know it seems childish, but I want him to say it first. I want to tell him I love him before he deploys. But, I'm his first real girlfriend and I don't want to rush him. How do I go about this?
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Take it day by day. If you are there to say goodbye, the words will just come out. Do what feels right. Follow you're heart, because heck if he bought a plane ticket to come see you AGAIN! He's pretty nuts about you. And I'm bankin he's think the same thing. But that's just me though. : )

awwh that's sweet! thank you! i wasn't able to see him before he deployed:( but the day before he deployed, we were on the phone, and "i love you" was on the tip of my tongue, finally, i said it, and told him he didnt have to say it back, but he did! it made me feel so great. now we say it whenever we possibly can, i'm so glad i said it, it kinda makes his deployment a little bit easier. thanks for your input!:)

It does. My boyfriend is at BCT right now. It's hard. but i figured out that BCT works both ways. It trains our soldiers and also trains us. They are gone for months and so are we. We are learning how to cope with them being gone for so long. Glad everything worked out : D