Need Some Friendly Advice (:

Hey Everyone, Well i'm new to the whole military Gf/Fiance Life & my boyfriend is deploying this Nov. We're Both planning to get married before he leaves. I Mean he loves me & i do as well but i'm 18 and lately i've been getting negative thoughts from other people so i thought maybe someone can help. He'll be gone for 9months and i have no idea how to cope up with the situation. ill be new to it so if anyone who has the same experience before can give me some great advice i would definitely appreciate it. i want to know how things will work when he's gone. how long do i wait till he could call me? how do i send packages and letters? how many times a week can he call me or see me on skype? and etc. thanks ladies <3
islanderbeauty islanderbeauty
18-21, F
Jun 10, 2012