Words Of Encouragement.

For the first time since my boyfriend joined, I had a serious conversation with someone about our relationship and wasn't told I was "Too young to know what love is" or "Shouldn't even be thinking about getting married"

It was nice to hear for once that there is all the possibility in the world of us making it to forever. I just need to say this: I am 16 years old. I am a senior in a public high school, with well over 1000 other students, half of them males who would more than happily let me cheat with them. I am involved in band and travel, sometimes overnight, with my own group of 180 kids, not to mention the ones I meet else where. I work at a resturaunt where I constantly meet new and pretty exciting people. The thought of cheating has never crossed my mind. I am 16 and hopelessly in love with a man in the US Army. So no, I'm not too young to know what love is, and I'm not too young to think about getting married. When someone changes your life the way my man has, why would I WANT to leave him?

I just get sick of the negativity I am surrounded by everyday. As if getting married at 18 is going to end my life. As if loving a man I see once every few months is going to kill me. He's worth it. He is doing it for me and for our future together. I just wish people could understand that, before I punch them in the neck.
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I love to hear about others who are dealing with the same things as me. I'm planning on getting married young also. Even my mom doesn't agree..which can really hurt at times!

I hope all you girls found encouragement in this. Since I posted this, there have been a LOT of changes. We are officially engaged and will be married in September, wedding in April. He did get shipped over seas, but we're making it work and I'll see him in September for the first time in 9 months :). Most people have come to terms with my marriage, many(my family and his included) are very excited for us. But there are still people who try to tell me I'm making a mistake. The key is being comfortable with yourself. It takes a lot of courage to stand up for your own happiness and not cave to the pressure. It took a lot, but I know now that I made the right choice by standing by him and not giving in to others. Do what you do for yourself and your partner. Do what makes you happy, in the end that's all that really matters.

It makes me so glad to hear this. It's not too often you hear stories like this where things actually seem to be working out. You go girl! I hope that you and your man find many years of happiness in the future!

I get the same thing too. Right now I'm 15 (I'll be 16 in less than a month) and my boyfriend, who is going into the Marines in about 20 days, has already brought up the idea of marriage. I have said yes. A lot of people look down on it. I don't see a problem with it. I completely agree with you! If it's someone who can make you happy, why not get married? If you've been with him for a while...you know your relationship works, so why not take it to the next level? I'm glad I joined this website. Now I know I'm not alone and we all have people surrounding us that are positive and don't throw down every idea.

I understand how you feel.. I am 16 and this summer I am getting married. EVERYONE is negative and it hurts because I feel SO alone. I need someone to understand that YES its hard, and sometimes in, certain circumstances, its stupid at my age. But when you are with a military member.. things are different. He is the only one i could ever possible love and before he even joined we had a long distance relationship for a year and a half. We only got to date for 2 months before I moved. And people still expect me to leave him. Let me tell you something about this guy, at 17, I was his first kiss. He doesn't think he is beautiful and doesn't have a lot of confidence. He made me a better person just for knowing him. Ever since I met him, I've have done everything to be as amazing as him. To be worth his love. And he doesn't know it, but he is my hero. My love for him will last long after we die. Any time one of my friends says, "I want a good boyfriend" I tell them date a soldier because they are worth every second of your time and love.

I am going through the same thing. Like you, I am 16. My boyfriend is in the Air Force. The day before he left, he proposed to me. Not in a "let's get married right now" way, but in a "yeah, after you graduate high school then we will get married." EVERYONE, even people who are my friends, are so negative about it. I just have learned to deal with it though, because Michael is the best thing that ever happened to me. I know 100 percent that he is the one for me. That's why I don't let anyone else's opinion get to me. But girl, I know how hard it is!

This is amazing. Im 17 going on 18. Ive been with my boyfriend (Marine) since i was 15. I have every intention of spending my life with him whether we get married tomorrow or twenty years from now. He's my everythin and i am madly in love with him

Thank you guys :) I am pretty set on marrying him, even if I am a little young. I am to the point where, if I think someone is going to make a negative comment, I just don't tell them about how happy I am. I am starting to realize that people only say that because they are unhappy with their choices and regret decisions they have made. I know I won't regret being with him the rest of my life. I've dated quite a few guys, and none of them made me feel like he does. They were all selfish, he isn't. His whole goal in life is to make me happy, so I choose not to listen to society, I am not too young to be with him forever. I am in love with him :)

Respect yourself, do what makes you and your man happy, when people speak negativly and judge you, remember its there ****, not yours, you go girl. Keep your head up, heart strong x

absolutely love this. i'm 17 and my boyfriend and i have every intention of getting married young, it is no one's business to tell you tha you're too young to love or too young to marry. there is no such thing. If you plan on getting married and staying married, why does it matter when you do or how old you are. I'm not even going to get started on how badly I hate that kind of negativity, congrats to you (:

I am 19 and have been with my fiance since I was 16. we are getting married in 26 days. I got the "you haven't lived yet, are you sure hes the one? don't you want to date a bit?" after hearing this day in and day out I actually started believing them. I actually started to believe that I was too young and missing out on life. I now know that I am not missing out on life, I am just starting a different phase of it. and a GOOD phase. And honestly, I dated a few guys before meeting my now fiance and it was awful. Now I have this amazing guy that is going to make a great husband and father to our children so why not ****** him up right now? Why give up a really good person just to "date" and "live life" like today's world tells us we have to do? I don't get it.... its like why throw away an amazing guy just because society deems you "too young". Its frustrating, I know. Stay strong.