I Feel Like I Messed Up

Long story short meet bf in high school and started to date while he was home on leave .He finally came home after 2 years after being station over sea and the deployment .Anyways for the past 2 years all he talk about how he cant wait to marry me and ask me to marry him .The other day we went to the jewelry store to look at wedding rings for the future .All he been asking is what color diamond I like because he wanted to buy me diamond earrings but my brother said he wanted to ask me to marry him but my brother do lye but don't know what to believe .Yesterday we kind of had a fight .I was upset that he always leaving and didn't want to tell him and it was the fact he bought me in to look at wedding rings for the future .We did talk about it throw the Internet and he told me I should just told him I wanted to talk about it later and not now .He say he has to get use to the real me and don't deny there a promble .He did say we are fine but why do I still feel guilty why do I feel that it mess up being together in the future with our planes .Whats going on ?
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feeling anxious? Do you want to marry this man? Sounds like you have a lot to talk about....it'll be ok <3

Hey Kellner! If you have a problem with him leaving all the time you should just tell him that, it's always better to be honest and up front with each other. And about the marriage thing, it sounds like he does wants to marry you, but I think you should take his word about just wanting to buy you earrings for now. Hope I helped and if you ever need someone to talk/vent to I'm here for you girl!!

He was away for almost 2 years but was depressed the whole time and broke up and everything alot of times .Him home on leave was amazing we did so much togeather .He did look at wedding rings and told me it was for the future .I ask him before he leave am I sure he going to be alright again and not break up with me .He told me he will never do that .I did cry at the airport when he left for 7 months to go back over sea and wrote him a letter how hard this is for me and how im going to try with collage and everything becuase of him .He did write me a email saying I made him cry .Today he told me we need to talk and how .I ask him are you breaking up with me and he said quite no I have to clear something up .It was about how his feeling are coming from my past and how he feels sorry for my past and the only reason he never broke up with me .How we havent been with each other to long enought to know what the future holds.How he never wanted to dated after his ex girlfriend .How he thinking about staying over sea becuase his sgt kinda needs me here and so does my captain.What do I make out of this ?

I'm really sorry you're going through this hunny! Just let him know that you support whatever decision he makes and that you'll be here for him when he gets back.

its over .While he was home on leave everything was good .But took me to ring shop to look at rigs told me was for future.I ask him before he left we going to fine and said its only 7 months and I will be back .While he was packing he was saing he feels like he missing something and told me me.At airport he was fine and keept kissing me .When he got over sea for 2 days told me we need to talk I ask him if we are breaking up said no he said he not over ex and he dident want to date cuz of her and dont have feelings for me.The next day breaks up with me I ask him if we can wait 7 months .One min yes the next something else.Than he emails me today saying he wants to go out with this girl .I dont understand how he said that he dident want to date and was not over ex but trying to go out with this girl .I dont understand why he did not break up with me in person at home .I dont know what to think .He was fine before he left soon he get there 2 days later he not .Dose he still love me .Is he trying to move or ?Is there still a chance