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I am utterly dazed by how much I love my soldier. Him and I are able to skype every few days while he's at airborne school, which is pretty nice compared to basic and AIT training. Anyways, him and I started a conversation about our future together. When we talk about this I always get emotional, only because I miss him so much. But today was different. I was emotional because of the fact he misses me so much! On skype, he looked me straight in the eyes and said, "I am going to marry you, and I will go through hell and back in order to make your life the best as possible, I promise you that." When a guy says this, he means it. He said I am the only person who he can share his emotions with. My heart immediately felt as if it were melting into my hand. He makes me the happiest girl alive. Yeah times will be hard, but everything hard eventually ends. If being an army gf/wife was easy everyone would do it. My hats off to everyone who is willing to give up a little, in exchange for the world. I am his, forever and always.
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This makes me so warm and fuzzy inside :) It's nice to get that reassurance from them....I'm having a good day today because I was able to text my man all night! He makes me so happy and i'm so in love and smitten like a teenage girl it isn't even funny! Congrats :) Hooray for good days!

This is such a touching story and makes me want to cry because of how much i miss my guy. I am really happy that you guys talk a lot and are doing really good :D I know in the end, everything will work out. :D Stay strong and your story gave me lots of hope :D Thanks for sharing. And being army girlfriends is a reward in the end :D Good luck and stay army strong :D

Thank you! I'm glad my story gave you hope! that makes me happy to hear! And yes I have a good feeling that everything will work out! :)

welcome!!! and yeah it did. :D im sure everything will work out :D hahaha. :D

I'm crying too because it reminds me of how much i appreciate my soldier for loving me to way he does. He always says I'm doing this for you and our future family. It takes a lot for us to deal with these things for the men we love, but it's so worth it!

It is hard to deal with sometimes, but it truly is worth it! Even though I get sad I'm loving this experience and adventure!

OMG!!! I'm literally crying right now! You brat! You made me cry haha. I'm so happy for you and wow that sounds so great. And yes when a guy says things like that he means it with all his heart. Ahhh I love it! Can't wait to go see my baby. <3

I know it was so incredible to hear! It makes me that much more in love with him! You get to see yours soon!!

Ahh I bet. And yes! Four more days :)

soo exciting! :)

Yes I'm very excited! :)

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