I Feeel For Anyone That Goes Through This..

On the 26th of July i found out i was pregnant. Which was amazing news for me and my husband because we had been trying to conceive for a decent amount of time. I was soo excited as was my husband. Everything was great for a while. One morning i woke up to light bleeding and as anyone would i freaked out. i was so scared, i prepared myself for the worst. I called my the hospital because i had not yet and on OB, or an apt made. I went in last thursday and they told me everything was fine they showed me the baby and they said the heartbeat was strong. after leaving that night the bleeding got worse. I went on believing everything was okay i had cramps like my period but nothing i couldnt handle, nothing that was unbearable like they had described a miscarriage would be. Sat morning i woke up to passed tissue, once again i went to the hospital. they indeed told me i was having a miscarriage and my HCG levels had dropped over half. I was hurt, i cried and cried. I brought myself to realize it was nothing i did wrong and there was nothing i could of done to stop it. This is something i thought would of never happened to me, but it did. And i'm stuck dealing with it. I pray for everyone that has gone through this or is going through this. Its nothing you want to remember but its something thats gonna be with you forever. like a constant reminder that you lost your child a living human being. I still cry and i still feel guilty in a way. I feel guilty because i lost the child that me and my husband had been wanting for so long. I just wish there was something i could of done to stop what happened. I just keeeep praying that it dosnt happen to be again and one day ill be blessed with a beautiful healthy baby.

Semper Fi <3
amanda343 amanda343
18-21, F
Sep 17, 2012